Monday, February 7, 2011

Steve Keen, SELL YOUR HOUSES! Australian Housing Bubble about to burst

The 7 PM Project Steve Keen, May 4th 2010 SELL YOUR HOUSES! The 7PM Project Steve Keen, May 4th 2010 The false belief of housing shortage is a myth and the truth is there are enough houses, the only underlying cause of the property boom and soon the property crash is DEBT SUPPLY. SELL YOUR HOUSES! He is absolutely right. It has to happen, just when we don't know. If more income goes into your home, that means less retail spending, which means loss of jobs and a shit ecomony.

As soon as the property bubble is on Today Tonight or A Current Affair watch out - that's when the last Australian's who didn't know will find out and the bubble will burst.20% in a year, yeah stay in the market, that's sustainable It's called the height of the market when prices move like that. - the greater fool theory.Real investors look for undervalued assets not overvalued assets, that's why there's more poor than rich. Property is bubble very around the world with the exception probably some developing nations which people buy house with cash... not 20% down the rest are mortgage.