Monday, July 6, 2009

Foreclosure Fraud

foreclosure fraud
In my backyard garden talking about the courts threatening to allow the banks to unlawfully hijack my family legacy and they usually use a Sheriff, ,,, (who are supposed to protect ordinary folks from big corporate criminals who steal our family's labor, and sell our childrens futures to foreign entities who are impersonating a de-jure representative government of the unanimous majority,,,, or was that only 51% of them telling the other 49 that
they can steal your land if the 'majority' feels like it, thats called "Mob Rule" .. people need to understand their own personal sovereignty, before this gangster bankster game will ever end, people will have to be responsible for themselves, and revert to simpler ways, clean ways of life, and what is free, money is what got us into9 this mess and getting rid of it will get us out, but we ALL need to walk out from under the pyramid, not just a few, but MILLIONS need to all STOP using their monopoly money
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